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A large gathering of Acadians from most countries with descendants from deported Acadians along with some that are of French decent though not with "Acadian" roots gathered in the upper part of Maine, Madawaska in particular, and in the western part of New Brunswick, with much of the activities centered in Grand Falls, N. B. 

Insofar as the Trahan's and Lege's, the reunion was held in St. Croix, N. B.  It as an all day affair, with many distinctive and delightful presentations, with a Holy Mass on the premises by the local priest.

One of the interesting aspect was the many home and businesses decorated in the Tri-Colors of the Acadian flag.   One disappointing fact of the gathering is that very few Trahan's from that part of the world attended.  There were more Trahan's from Louisiana and Texas than any other locality.

Below are a few pictures of that area and that particular day:

Our Cabins on "Long Lake" Maine

Home Decor for the CMA

Baby Michaud celebrating CMA

Even Tractors were decked out!

Our visitors at Long Lake

Food, Yum Yum!

Judge Ann Marie Trahan, Montreal, Canada

Fr. Conte, Reading at Mass for the Reunion of Lege's & Trahan's

Site of Reunion, K C Hall, St. Jacque, N. B.

Ken & Sue Neveau from Louisiana and Friends

Attendance at Reunion Mass

Leo Paul Leger making a point

Lunch at the Reunion

More Home Decor

Even the Church was decorated for the occasion

Inside the Church

Entertainment by many violins

Dangers of Driving in the Maine Woods

University of Maine has a model of the Solar System, stretching over a hundred miles.
This is a model of Jupiter and 2 of its moons.

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