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Trahan Family Association, Inc.  Membership Registration Form

Thank you for considering to be a member of our Family Association . In order to process the information accurately, please print this membership form.  Fill in the form in all the appropriate places and mail, enclosing a check or money order, in US Dollars,  to the following address:
Loubert G. Trahan, President, Trahan Family Assoc., 9515 La. Hwy. 92 W. , Maurice, La. 70555

Family Membership: $10 per family per year.
 3 Year Membership...$25.00
Children under 18 are free with family membership.

Individual Membership: $10

Membership Category: (Circle one)    INDIVIDUAL         FAMILY

 (Last)                                          (First)                                           Initial 


Mail Address: 

City:  State / Province:

Country:         Zip/Postal Code: 

Telephone: Email:

Name 1: Birth Date:

Name 2: Birth Date:
Please write other names and date of birth on back side if needed.

Please note, all information you provide on this form will be used solely for the purposes of  maintaining the family membership records of the Trahan Family Association. No distribution or publishing of any of this information will occur without your expressed written permission.