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Trahan Family Association, Inc.

From the President's Desk

To members of the Famille Trahan Association:

Thanks to our past president, Ernest Ray Trahan and his wife Brenda , the
Famille Trahan Association has been very successful from it's origin.
For the past several years, Ernest Ray has provided us with outstanding
leadership and guidance.  As he steps down from his presidency, I accept the challenge that lies ahead.

As your new president, I have three main goals.  The first is to keep
the Famille Trahan Association active, alive and running on all
channels.  We will continue our semi-annual meetings with various cajun
cuisine.  Thanks to our genealogy guru, Mitch Conover, our membership
should continue to increase as more people get interested in their

My second goal is to actively endorse and help with the Congre Mondial at whatever location in the year 2019.   Again it is in conjunction with the Lege/Leger/Legier Family Associations.  From all appearances it will be on Prince Edward Island, but will get more info in near future.  Louisiana has been unable to duplicate our hosting a in 1999, mostly due to budget problems.

The 2014 Congre Mondial that was held in August 2014 in the Northern Maine and New Brunswick was a great success.  See some of the remarks and pictures on the page of this site.  More will be posted as time permits.

In closing, I want to thank all of you for being part of this family
association.  Your participation has helped our organization stay alive
and strong.  I encourage all of you to bring interested guests to our
next meeting.   I also request your feedback so I can better serve your

Merci beaucoup!!

Your President,
 Loubert G. Trahan
 E-Mail:  lgtrahan@cox.net