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1999 Reunion Review

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Dates: August 6, 7, 8, 1999

Friday, August 6, 1999

After so many months of planning, forming different committees, and praying that our South Louisiana weather would be favorable, the reunions are over.  It leaves an empty feeling in our hearts that so many tasks no longer need to be looked after.  That so many new friendships have been made, and then having to part company, also leaves an emptiness in the pit of the stomach.

To say that our Trahan/Leger Reunion was a giant success is an understatement.  Up to a couple of months ago, momentum had not set it, and all of us on the planning department were somewhat worried.  Like the old saying "What if we started a war and nobody showed up?"  We did not start a war, but many, many showed up!

On this Friday Morning, though a bit warm, approximately 150 Trahan and Leger family members gathered at Acadian Village, Lafayette, La.  There they were greeted by Director A. J. Leblanc, and presented with a framed   family crest and genealogy.  Lt. Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco addressed the gathering, and she was presented with a Trahan Lapel Pin for her efforts with the families.

The reunion really started Friday evening with a social, attended by approximately 350 persons, and that is conservative.  The group enjoyed the trays of food arranged by the food committee.  When 10:00 PM arrived, it seemed that nobody was ready to leave, but we had to vacate so as to return the next morning.

Saturday, August 7, 1999

Saturday morning dawned beautifully, though somewhat hot.  Our "Chefs" were ready at 6:00 AM to start heating their giant pots for the Cajun Jambalaya.  And cook they did.  Their recipe included 300 lbs. of lean, chopped and seasoned pork, 300 lbs of rice, 20 lbs. each of chopped bell pepper and celery, along with 110 lbs. of chopped onions, plus an ample amount of chopped parsley and chopped green onions.  Though the place was heated up for about an hour while the meat was being browned, things settled down and got comfortable again.  Our cousins from near and far crowded up to 8 and 10 deep around the cooking, in awe at the spectacle.  Meals were prepared for 900,  with only a handful left over for seconds.

All the while the meal was being prepared and served, other activities were going on.  Registration tables for new arrivals were kept busy.  A spectacular advance of colors followed by the Acadiana Symphony playing the National Anthem of the United States, France and Canada brought about more than a few tears in the crowd.  Though this was on video, it was quite an experience.  After the prayer opening the festivities, things really got down to business, with welcoming addresses by Dr. James Buatt, Mayor Pro-Temp of Crowley.   This was followed by an address by Judge Anne Marie Trahan, Outremont, Quebec.   She had a video address from her father, Judge Marcel Trahan, wishing us all the best.  He could not attend due to poor health, though he is still a driving force in the Trahan Family Assoc. in Canada, an Association he organized and headed for many years.   This was followed by an address by Leo-Paul Leger, President of the Leger Family in New Brunswick.

Acadiana's own Judge Allen Babineaux addressed the reunion with many well chosen words of encouragement about not forgetting our roots, and teaching our children about our heritage.  He admonished all to teach our French language to our siblings.  Door prizes were handed out, and the table decorations were eagerly gathered up as souvenirs of the event.

While all the above was happening in one part of the building, another large room was busy with our genealogists working and finding "roots" for our friends.  Large charts hung from the walls so that all could see distinctively how all these families intertwined.  A demonstration of accordion fabrication was also going on.  The sales staff just about sold out of everything on hand--Tee Shirts, pins, mugs, charts, license plates, afghans, etc.   Orders are still coming in, and already supplies are being reordered.  A video tape of most of the reunion is being prepared, and will be available in the near future.   So if you did not get what you wanted, write or call, and we will be able to ship just about any of the items to your home.  The address is shown below.

After an evening break for meals off the premises, all most all gathered again to enjoy a presentation by "Renaissance Cadienne."  This is a group that does a full 2 hours of skits depicting the Acadian way of doing things around the 1900's and before.  This includes dancing, a mock wedding, with all traditional variations of Acadian customs.

The Saturday evening was topped off with a lively "Fais Do Do" Cajun dance which lasted until close to midnight.

Sunday, August 8, 1999

Sunday morning was then time for prayer.  The Most Rev. Ernest Leger, Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick, celebrated Mass at St. Michael's, concelebrated by a host of other priests from the Trahan and Leger families, coming in from across the U. S. and Canada.  This was quite an impressive Mass.

After Mass, the crowd reassembled at Levy Park, in the Historic Section of Crowley for the dedication of a granite memorial to our reunion.  The City of Crowley was also presented with a Trahan Genealogy Chart, showing the first four generations of Trahan's on the American continent.  This will be posted in City Hall.

Pictures of some of the events are included on this site.

As was said at the beginning, this reunion was a giant success.  What had been hoped to be a world class event, was indeed that, as the official count that attended is just short of 1100, though 32 that pre-registered could not attend.  People came from 19 of the United States, 4 Provinces of Canada and France.  To all who came, we hope you enjoyed our efforts and presentations and "Passed a Good Time."  We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because without you, our efforts would have been in vain.  The countless numbers of workers that did all the work also thank you, and all the words of praise that have been forthcoming make them proud of their accomplishments.  A listing of all these wonderful workers will be in a later issue of our newsletter.   If you formed a friendship with a distant cousin, and would like to communicate with that person, we are setting up a data base of names and addresses.  Just write to:  Trahan Family Assoc., P O Box 771, Crowley, La. 70526, giving that person's name and place of residence, if you know it, and we will send back his or her home address, as well as their telephone number if available.  Orders for souvenirs discussed earlier can be sent to the same address, or ordered from this web site.

Keep surfing this site periodically, as we intend to change the photos in the album on a monthly basis.  New features will be incorporated in this site, which we think you will enjoy.

Sunday, August 15, 1999

Closing ceremonies were held at the Cajun Dome, Lafayette, La.  This was quite impressive, with music and song from well known Acadian musicians.